Tables for delegates

One of my delegates is attending another virtual event and they have this format for the delegates to sit around tables and move from table to table - which is similar to the Dryfta rooms like this but has more functionality - possible to add to the features?

So they have different floors. The main event is on the lower floors but if I want to have a meeting I can move to a higher floor and then invite people to my meeting. I can chat to the general group, people at my table or to an individual. I can also download and export my chat so useful if links or contact details are shared

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Sep 24, 2021 06:48 AM


Sarah HussainModerator

That's a good one. Too fancy though. Academics do not like so over-the-top features though! Still, we can implement some of it like exporting your chats etc.

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Freyni du Toit

Hi Sarah, where has our table with six people disappeared?

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