Past update - v18.1

Nature of the update 

Feature updates 

Duration of the update 

1-2 minutes 

Platform accessibility 

No downtime. The event sites and event dashboard remained accessible as is. 

What changed 

This update included new features, improvements and minor bug fixes.

  • In Form Builder, added option to choose word or character limit in text box field type.
  • In sessions, added an Up Next button in session detail view based on event time. When user clicks on it, it would display a list of 5 upcoming sessions on that day with respect to the current local time. 
  • In session editor, added the option to "Display Take Survey button to" with the following: All attendees; Attendees who check-in; Attendees who check-out; Admin can select only one of the above options.
  • Included Add-ons in Insights page, dashboard homepage total payments collected widget. 
  • CE Credits are now included in the reports.
  • In the user dashboard, added a new menu item "Sponsor lounge" to let the sponsorship package buyer be able to make edits to their sponsorship listing. There would be two tabs: Edit Sponsor information and Sponsor Analytics: In the sponsor listing backend & frontend dashboard, added a tab for analytics to have a list of attendees who are visiting sponsor pages and display them under sponsor's listing in the backend with option to export and send this list to sponsor's rep. Here're the data points that we need for each sponsor: List of attendees who visited the sponsor page with their role and company below their names; List of attendees who saved a representative's vCard with their role and company below their names; List of attendees who downloaded the catalogue with their role and company below their names. In sponsorship packages update form, added up to 5 video upload fields and 5 PDF upload fields and display the videos two per line. Display the Download button for PDFs in the Downloads section. Added option to upload banners which would save directly in the sponsor's banners.
  • In custom reports, removed currency from the amount column, ticket price column and add-on column. This makes it easy to calculate all orders at once. Also, in the CSV exported from under Orders Management, moved the "Order amount" column to display before the "Refund amount" so admin do not have to keep scrolling sideways to view the order amount.
  • Digest email is not sent when using the "Manual Run" button under Automated assignment. Updated it to send digest email when manual run is processed.
  • In session editor, added an option to select an owner for the meeting associated with that session, when creating the meeting for the first time. We already have alternative host for meetings. But the problem is one host can only have upto 2 meetings at the same time. So, even if we have separate alternative hosts for each meetings, it cannot allow hosting 2 meetings per host. So, for cases where there're more than 2 parallel sessions going on, we need to assign a separate owner for each meeting or else they can only host up to 2 parallel meetings even if with unique alternative hosts.
  • If a user purchases a abstract submission ticket only, he/she should not become an attendee. Also, once a user becomes an attendee, he/she should only be displayed fields related to the tickets they have purchased. Fixed
  • Added option to display the editor toolbar in textarea field.
  • In multi-checkbox field, added option to set max number of options that can be selected.
  • If word limit is set to 0, it would allow for unlimited words and would also not display the word limit in the frontend. Fixed
  • In program settings, added option to select/unselect video files associated with submissions.
  • When an admin register as a reviewer, he/she loses admin access and becomes reviewer. fixed
  • Integrated Paystack payment gateway for Nigerian currency. Added
  • If option to pay for submission is enabled, it would now display the Proceed to Pay button at the top and bottom of the abstract submission form. Added an inputbox in submission settings so admin can enter the link to the payment page.
  • Once the payment is completed for an abstract fee ticket type, display a redirect message on order success page and redirect automatically to the My abstracts page in a new window.
  • In sponsor's save vCard option, removed the No button. So when user clicks on Save VCard, it would inform user that their information would be shared too when they click on the Yes button.
  • In session editor, added option to choose sponsors (from sponsors manager) for that session and then display the sponsors in a horizontal scrollbar right below the main video. Clicking on the logo would take user to the sponsor's lounge.
  • In program builder, added a Preview button besides each session's title.
  • Increased the file size limit to 700MB in file upload field. Updated

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