How to set up CE credits for program sessions?

Dryfta has a solution for authorized check-ins to prevent attendees from checking-in remotely or by fraud and offer CE credits for attending these sessions. Here's how it works:

Create/Edit a session

Go to Session options and enable authorized check-in for CE credits. Enabling this would also display a button to generate a unique code. This unique code shall be required for attendees to check-in into this session. 

Set CE Credits

Enter CE credits that would be credited to attendees for attending this session.

Sharing the Unique Code

When the attendees come to the session, display the authorization code on the screen or anywhere else so they can use this code to check-in to this session through their laptop or mobile browser. This ensures they can check-in only once they arrive at the session venue and also prevent any queue as they can do it from their own devices.

Here's a video capture of the complete workflow:

The session check-in and checkout time is recorded along with the total time they spent in the session. The CE credit is assigned to an attendee only after they check out from the session.

Accessing Individual CE Credits and CE Credits Report

You can also generate a report of the CE credits for each attendee. You can also go to each attendee's profile in the backend and click on Schedule tab to view the CE credits they have received.

CE Credits under Attendee Dashboard

Attendees can log in to their dashboard and go to My Schedule to view the CE Credits they have received.

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