How to add multiple livestream & pre-recorded talks within a session?

If you are hosting sub-sessions within a session, and each of those sub-sessions have their own pre-recorded talks or live streams, it is readily possible to add pre-recorded talks and livestreams for each of those sub-sessions within a session. Here's how:

Go to Program Schedule > Program Builder

Edit a Session to go to the Session editor. In the session editor, scroll down to the "Moderators, Speakers & Sub-Sessions" section

Click on the Manage Submissions button to add/edit sub-sessions/submissions

In the popup window, search and select accepted submissions/talks which you would like to present within this session 

Note: This list would only display submissions which have been accepted in the abstract management system; If you do not have a list of accepted submissions, go to Submissions & Reviews > Manage/Assign Submissions to accept the submissions/talks

Once an abstract selected, it would automatically find and list all the video files associated with this submission (video files that were uploaded by authors of this submission). You can either select a pre-recorded video or enter a direct URL to an external video file. If this sub-session would be streamed live, simply enter the link to the Streaming URL

After selecting the video file for each submission, click on the Save button.

To watch these pre-recorded talks and livestreams, participants need to Check-in to the session first. As soon as the participant checks in to the session, a Watch Live button would start displaying besides each session.

Here's a short video of the setup process:

Note: There's a limit of up to 40 pre-recorded/live-streamed sub-sessions within a session.

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