How to let sponsors upload their information including logo and product video?

To enable sponsors to submit their information on their own, do the following:

1. Create sponsorship packages (see this tutorial here:

2. Go to Forms & Data > Form builder and click on Sponsorship Packages form

3. Enable all the fields you need sponsors to fill up; Important: Do not forget to enable the Company field. It is a required field to collect and save sponsor's information in the sponsors listing.

4. Publish the Sponsorship Packages menu from under Navigation so sponsors can go to this page, select their package, upload their information and complete the purchase.

5. Once the purchase is complete, admin shall be notified so they can go to the sponsors listing module in the backend and approve the sponsor's listing for visibility on the website.

Here's an example of a sponsor's lounge:

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Oct 02, 2020 08:30 PM


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