Membership plan end date

Enable an end date for a membership plan. Most societies work on a fixed time period for a membership, e.g. a financial year or a calendar year.

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Oct 07, 2020 03:48 AM


Freyni du Toit

Any news on when you would be able to action this by? Thanks

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Sarah HussainModerator

This feature is still in planning mode. However, after looking in ticket settings under Tickets & Fees, it seems when you enable a ticket type to be a membership plan, it does give you the option to set the days until which this membership remains valid. After that date, the membership expires and they see a message asking them to renew their membership plan.

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Freyni du Toit

Having a membership plan valid for a certain number of days doesn't work if the membership is based on a financial or calendar year though. So I understand what is in place, but an actual expiry date would be far more useful that a number of days. Number of days only works if everyone purchases on the same day or roundabout that time, unfortunately. I hope it can move up the list quickly!

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