Customizing Program Schedule PDF and/or Program exports

Hello, We are very interested in being able to further customize the Program Schedule PDF, given that we would like to be able to share it publicly with our attendees, but the current built-in format won't work for us. Alternatively, it would be very helpful to be able to export all of the program data such that we could use it to populate our own program document. The existing exports don't offer a format where the session name, date, and time are matched with the component paper titles and their corresponding authors, along with each author's institution. We would really love to see this functionality added so that we can create our conference guide document. If there are existing features that would allow me to accomplish these things (or if you could run a program export for me with the field pairings as described above), please let me know. Thanks! Katie

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Sep 23, 2020 08:50 PM


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