How to Live-Stream Webex Meetings to Dryfta using IBM Video Streaming?

When you stream a meeting to IBM Video Streaming, you continue to have full functionality of your Webex meeting. You can start or stop streaming at any time. 

With Webex Meetings, you can invite multiple speakers and have a conversation while the meeting is streaming live. You can share content from your screen and continue to use the Webex Meetings user interface during the live stream. 

Step 1: Sign in to your Cisco Webex site and start your meeting or event.

Step 2: Go to More Options and then choose Start live streaming.     

Start live streaming option

Step 3: Select IBM Video Streaming and choose your IBM Video Streaming login option.

Step 4: Enter your IBM user name and password, then click Sign In.

Your IBM Video Streaming account information is saved on the site that you use for your meeting or event.

To confirm that you're streaming, check for the Live indicator in the upper-right corner of your meeting or event.

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