18 Questions a virtual event manager should ask

Here're the 18 Questions a virtual event manager should ask when planning for a virtual event:

Do you have the correct webinar platform for your needs? 

Is it cost effective to own or should we host? 

Does it scale to fit your potential audience size? 

Are you paying extra for overage charges? 

How are attendees going to be invited? 

How are they going to participate?     

How do your attendees listen in? 

Do they have enough bandwidth? 

What are they going to do if they have technical issues?     

Do your presenters know how to use webinar tools available to them? 

Do they need a training?     

Do you have everything scheduled and connected properly?     

Are your presentations designed for an online audience? 

Does it have aspects of virtual participation?     

Do you need accurate reporting following the event?  

Post-event e-mails?  

A post-event survey?  


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