How to add tasks for speakers and display them under their To-Dos list?

To add tasks under Speaker's To-Do list.

Go to Tasks Manager and create these tasks for speakers. See the red-bordered button in the screenshot below.

1. Click on Add Task button

2. Enter task details

3. If you want to assign this task to all speakers, then select Assign to usertype (from under the Assign to dropdown) and select the "Speaker" role from the dropdown.

4. If you want to assign this task to some selected contacts only, select Assign to users and search and select users to whom you want to assign this task.

5. To send a notification about this task to all speakers or selected individuals, click on Notify users button.

Speakers can access their To-Do list from under their dashboard. Here's a screenshot:

Here's a screenshot of how the To-Do list looks like to the logged-in speaker.


  • Currently, after completing a task, speakers have to mark it done their own. Tasks are not marked done automatically. 

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