How to integrate Salesforce with Dryfta event platform?

Using our Salesforce integration, you can let Dryfta automatically sync and export/update your contacts in your Dryfta platform to your Salesforce CRM. 

Here're more details on what is possible with our Salesforce integration:

  1. Sync your Dryfta contacts to Salesforce contacts
  2. Sync your Dryfta attendees, speakers etc to Salesforce contacts
  3. Sync organizations in your Dryfta platform to Salesforce accounts
  4. Sync both contacts & accounts to Salesforce (Optional)
  5. Sync subscribers collected in your Dryfta platform to Salesforce Leads
  6. Enable triggers to add check-ins & payments by attendees as tasks in their Salesforce profile

Steps to set up your Salesforce integration:

Create Connected App for Dryfta in your Salesforce account

Log in to your Salesforce account and set up a connected app by clicking on the Setup icon in the top-right navigation menu and select Setup.

1. Go to App Manager under Apps

2. Click on New Connected App and configure the following in respective sections:

In the Basic Information section:
Connect App Name: YourDryftaApp
API Name: This would automatically become ‘YourDryftaApp’
Contact Email: Enter your email address

In the API (Enable OAuth Settings) section:
Check Enable OAuth Settings
Callback URL: replace mydomain with your domain name:
Under Selected OAuth Scopes, select & add the following:
Select Access and manage your data (API)
Select Full access (full)
Select Perform requests on your behalf at any time (refresh token, offline access)
Click Add

Once you’ve set up your app, you’ll be given a Consumer Key and a Consumer Secret for you app. Keep it safe!

Enable and setup Salesforce in your Dryfta event platform

Log in to your Dryfta dashboard & go to Salesforce settings

Enter Consumer Key and Consumer Secret of the Connected App in the setting fields

Click on Connect button to connect with your Salesforce account

Export your subscribers/contacts to Salesforce

Once you have successfully connected your event with Salesforce, you can export subscribers and contacts to your Salesforce account.

Under Map Users section, select from the Dryfta subscribers/users list whichever you want to export and a list type from Salesforce list i.e Contact or Lead to which you want to export the users. When you select contact from Salesforce list, you can select account for the contacts too

Under Map attributes section, you can map Dryfta user fields/attributes with Salesforce fields. Mandatory fields shall be auto selected in Salesforce field list. You can map new fields by clicking on Add new attribute

To enable automated syncing, check Auto Sync checkbox. (Auto sync exports new users to Salesforce and also updates the existing contacts/leads)

Click on Sync to start syncing/updating your Dryfta contacts to Salesforce

You can also edit the active syncs you have created. To edit an existing sync, click on edit button, make your changes and update the sync.

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