How does Dryfta calculates average rating of an abstract?

Dryfta calculates the average rating of an abstract based on a scale of 10. 

In your abstract management system, admin may have created review questions with different scale for each question. 

So, for example, you have a review question with scale rating from 0 to 5 and another review question with scale rating from 1 to 10. In this scenario, there's no unique base scale out of which the system should calculate an average rating. 

That's why the system is hard-coded to generate an average rating on a scale of 10 irrespective of the scale rating that an admin has set for various review questions in the review submission form.

Average rating of an abstract as given by a reviewer

To calculate average rating of an abstract, Dryfta would sum up a reviewer's ratings for each question (see screenshot) and then multiply it by 2 to generate an average rating of the abstract on a scale of 10, as given by the reviewer.

For example, if there is a question with a scale range of 1-5, and reviewer has given 3 out of 5 for this question, the system would first convert the scale 5 to scale 10 by multiplying it 2 times. That makes it 10 i.e. the base scale. Then, it would convert the reviewer's rating using the same ratio i.e. 3 multiplied by 2. That makes it 6 i.e. the reviewer's rating. 

So, for reviewer who gave 3 out of 5, the system would display the average rating as 6/10 with 10 as the base scale.

Final average rating of an abstract

To generate the final score of an abstract, Dryfta would sum up average rating given by each reviewer for the abstract and then divide it by the total number of reviewers who reviewed the abstract. This generates the abstract's final score on a scale of 10. See screenshot.

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