How to assign abstracts to reviewers?

Abstracts can be assigned to reviewers using any of these four methods mentioned below:

Method 1 

Simply enable automated assignment to let system assign abstracts to reviewers automatically. Go to this tutorial to see how to enable automated assignment.

Method 2 

Go to Manage/Assign abstracts, select abstracts in the list, then click on Assign Reviewers. This would list all the reviewers in the system. Simply select the reviewers to whom you want to assign the selected abstracts and then click on Save. 

Method 3

Go to an abstract, click on Reviewers & Reviews tab and select the reviewer to whom you want to assign this abstract. You have the option to display all reviewers in your system or only the reviewers who have similar topics as the abstract.

Method 4

Go to abstracts & Reviews > Import abstracts, click on Update abstracts tab. Download the sample file, open it in your computer and follow the steps below:

  • Go to Import Abstracts > Update Abstracts
  • Download the sample CSV file (includes all submitted/draft abstracts)
  • Open the downloaded file and scroll to the last column "Assign Reviewers
  • Enter the email addresses of reviewers (separated by comma without space) to whom you want to assign the abstracts
  • Save the file in CSV format and re-import it into the system in chunks of 300 abstracts per import.
  • Repeat the process for the next 300 abstracts.

Once each import is completed, the reviewers would be notified about the newly assigned abstracts.

Please make sure to not remove any existing column or add any extra column in the import file.

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