How to provide staff with partial/complete access to the event platform backend?

We recently released the Access Control feature which prevents staff members (administrator usertype) from accessing the whole of the event platform backend and allows access to only those s of the backend section which the staff is assigned to.

So, to let a staff log in and access the various sections of the platform, you need to log in to the backend first, create a Role (go to Roles & Access Control), set permissions for various sections of the platform, and then Save. Now go to staff's profile details (in the backend), select the Role you have just created in Roles & Access Control, and Save.

Your staff can now access all the sections in the Dryfta backend which you have enabled for that role and just assigned to this staff.

PS. To assign a role to multiple staff, use the Bulk Edit feature. Locate it in the Settings icon on the top right in Contacts section.

PS 1.1. Please make sure you have selected the correct usertype. You can assign administrator roles to administrator usertype only. Same for contact usertype. You can assign contact related roles to contact usertype. One cannot assign administrator roles to contact usertype or vice-versa.

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Sep 08, 2020 08:28 PM


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