How Badge Builder helps me with collecting and managing leads?

The most important part of the badge builder is that it is a great tool to collect and manage leads. Here's how: It displays QR code on the badge. The QR code has the details of the attendee embedded in it. So, when another attendee or an exhibitor, scans the QR code using the in-built scanner in the Dryfta Android app, the attendee's data is saved in his list of vCards (leads).

The attendee scanning the QR code has that data saved in his list of vCards. For an exhibitor, the exhibitor's representative simply has to scan the QR code using the in-built QR code scanner in Dryfta's android app. The scanner scans the QR and saves it to exhibitor's list of leads. Later, once the event is over, the exhibitor can export all the leads/vCards into a CSV format and import into Salesforce or any other CRM.

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Sep 08, 2020 08:00 PM


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