How to unassign abstracts/submissions from reviewers?

Abstracts/submissions which are assigned won't be unassigned from someone automatically even if they have updated their topics/expertise. The reasons include that they may have already submitted reviews on some of those abstracts/submission, they may have wrongly changed the topic among other possible reasons we never made the unassignment automatic.

For unassigning abstracts/submission manually, you can do either of the following:

Method 1:

Go to Manage/Assign submission

Select abstracts/submission which you want to unassign (you can select up to 30 abstracts/submissions at once)

Click on "Assign Reviewers" button in the top right corner

Select the reviewer's you want to unassign from the selected abstracts/submission

Click Unassign

Method 2:

Go to Contacts

Search for the reviewer whom you want to unassign abstracts
Click on Reviewer's name to go to their profile
Click on Reviews tab
Click on Unassign button to unassign abstracts/submission one by one

Method 3:
Go to Manage/Assign submission
Search for the abstract/submission from which you wish to unassign reviewer
Click on Reviewers & Reviews tab
Click on Delete icon besides the name of the Reviewer whom you wish to unassign from this abstract/submission

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