How to import/update abstracts/submissions using CSV file?

One can use the import tool to import abstracts/submissions into Dryfta, update multiple submissions' status, assign multiple abstracts/submissions to multiple reviewers, add co-authors and more.

Here's how to import abstracts/submissions:

Go to Submissions & Reviews > Import Submissions > Import Submissions/Proposals / Update Submissions  and download the sample file. Open the downloaded file and arrange it with submission title, submission description, author name and email address.  Then, go back to Import Submissions/Proposals / Update Submissions tab and import / update your updated sample file (make sure it is saved in CSV format). 


  • The existing submission type cannot be updated. 
  • Update only those information which are associated with the submission type of the given abstract/submission. 
  • Make sure that the default columns are intact.

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Sep 16, 2020 01:20 PM


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