What is Program Builder?

Program builder tool enables organizers to create sessions an intervals in an event. Create unlimited tracks, formats and locations. You can create parallel tracks, workshops, invite-only sessions, sessions with limited seats and paid sessions.

For example, if you have a 7-day event, you can display your sessions into 7 different tabs with each day having its own name. See screenshot below.

In each session, you can add the start/end time, promotional banner, set attendee capacity, set format and track, choose speakers and moderators, automatically display abstract summary into event description, display multiple abstracts and list them with the name of the respective presenting authors, display download buttons for presentation files submitted previously by speakers and authors and many more other things that possible with Program builder tool.

You have the option to display attendees who are attending the session. You can also limit attendance to selected usertypes by displaying check-in buttons.

Import sessions

You can import sessions from your excel sheet to the program builder. To import, please use the Import tool. See screenshot below. We have already provided a detailed answer to import sessions in our another question in the helpdesk.

Conflict management

Program builder tool also has a Conflict management system which checks for conflicts between sessions and logs it for you. It explains the conflict between two items and the reason for the same making it all easy for organziers to manage sessions.

Session Check-ins

Session Check-in tool allows event staff to check-in attendees to sessions. Additionally, a volunteer can check-in attendee using the built-in QR code scanner in the Dryfta event app. The scanner would scan the attendee's badge and then checks in the attendee if there're seats available. See screenshot below.

Checked-in attendees

Attendees who have checked-in to a session would be saved and displayed in that session's list of checked-in attendees. 

Waiting list

Attendees who tried checking-in after the seats were all occupied would be added to a waiting list and would be checked-in whenever someone checks out or when more seats are made available. All those waiting attendees would be listed under Waiting list for that session.

Program changelog

Program changelog records every single change that is made and person who made those changes in the Program builder tool to each session/interval. This helps accounting responsibility to the persons responsible for managing sessions.

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