How to create a custom registration form?

If you want to create a custom registration form to display to all users, do the following: 


Click on Add New to add role (Select "contact" user type when creating the role)

Then go to Form Builder
To create the new form, enter a name for the form, select "Registration Form" under Form Type, select the newly created role from under "Select Role" dropdown and click on Save.

Once the form is created, you can start adding fields in the form
Since you have already added the fields in the Speaker form, you do not have to recreate these fields. Simply go to the speaker form, edit each of these fields, and under "Copy this field" section, select the newly created form to copy this field. Click save.

Publishing the form on the website
The form is automatically published on the website. You can choose to hide the link to the form from under Website builder > Navigation.

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