How to set up automated email notifications for general forms and survey forms?

When someone registers, purchases a ticket or submits an abstract, an email is automatically sent to the user and the admin notifying them about the activity that just took place. We have created automated notifications for all of these forms.

However, for general forms and survey forms, the admin has to setup automated notification emails manually to receive notification whenever someone fills the form or a particular question in the form.

To set up an automated notification for a general form or a survey form, do the following:

  1. Go to Email Broadcast > Automated notifications and click on New. 
  2. There you have to enter a title for the email notification
  3. Enter email subject
  4. Set the Status to Enabled to enable sending/receiving this notification
  5. Add content of the email, if any, so you know what this notification is all about
  6. Choose the form for which you would like to receive/send the notification. You can also choose the specific question which is whenever submitted by the user, would trigger an email notification. 
  7. Then, if you're sending this notification to user, simply click on Save and you're done. The user would receive the notification whenever he/she submits the form for the first time. Do understand that it wont send the notification everytime the user updates the data filled in the form.
  8. To send this notification to admin, enable the "Send Email to Admin" button and select the admins to send this notification to one or more admins. Click on Save. That's it. Now, you will receive notifications whenever someone submits this particular form.

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Sep 08, 2020 12:03 PM


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