How to create the speaker registration form?

It is advisable to have a separate form for speaker registration so you could create fields specific to speakers like Bio, presentation files and other Speaker-specific fields. 

You're not required to create a separate field for photo upload because there's already a place under user dashboard to upload their photo.


All users who registered through Speaker registration form are listed in Speakers tab under Contacts.

Steps to create the speaker registration form:

Go to Forms & Data > Form builder and Click on the button "Create New Form"

Enter a name for the form eg. Speaker Registration Form. Select "Registration Type" option under form type. Select the Speaker role from the dropdown and click on Save.

This would create the Speaker Registration Form in your website to allow prospective users to register as speakers. It also creates a Widget named "Speakers" under Homepage widgets to display a list of Speakers on the homepage and would also create a link to this form in the top navigation bar.

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Jan 16, 2022 11:57 AM


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