How to let potential speakers submit abstracts and update their bio once their abstract is accepted? (Workflow)

For letting potential speakers being able to submit abstracts, update their information and submit final papers, here's the workflow:

  1. Interested authors would go to Create account page to create an account.

  2. Click on Login to log in to their dashboard using the login credentials for their newly created account.

  3. Go to My abstracts and click on Submit abstract to submit the abstract

  4. Abstract would then be assigned by the system itself (if enabled) or by a track chair to the respective reviewers

  5. Once reviewers have reviewed the abstract, track chairs can accept or reject the abstract

  6. If abstract status is changed to accepted, system would assign the speaker role to the presenting author of this abstract (this option can be disabled to manually assign the speaker role to accepted authors)

  7. Speaker is automatically notified through email by the system about their abstract's acceptance and the new speaker role attributed to them
  8. Newly accepted speaker can now log in to the dashboard to update their profile for fields related to the speaker role (the speaker role fields start displaying once the speaker role is assigned to this contact)

  9. Speaker can update the profile until the deadline (can be set from under Contacts > Settings)

  10. If you have a multi-tier abstract submission process, you can also make speakers submit their final papers by creating a new submission type to be displayed only to accepted speakers

For more details on the speakers management workflow, pleas see the following tutorial:

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