Just like Sessions, they will all be listed on one page with detail page for each webinar.

Register button & Add to Calendar button would be displayed on both listing and detail page of each webinar.
Detail page lists attendees who have registered for the webinar.

Register button would take participant to the webinar registration form to enter their details and register themselves for the webinar. This would also register them as contacts.

Admin has two options to limit participants' registration:

One is to enter a number of particpants in the backend beyond which there would be no registration.
Another is to integrate with Gotomeeting so whatever total number of attendees that is allowed in Gotomeeting, would be registered and then the registration would be closed.

Admin would need to enter the Gotomeeting ID and Authorization code/key in the backend to integrate with Gotomeeting.

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Sep 16, 2020 01:37 PM


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