Past update – v17.6

Nature of the update Feature updates Duration of the update 1-2 minutes Platform accessibility No downtime. The event sites and event dashboard remained accessible as is. What changed This update included new features, improvements and minor bug fixes.

  • Made Gaia Theme Screen reader accessible & 508 compatible on program schedule pages. Added text in all default buttons/links in homepage widgets including social buttons. Updated
  • In Program schedule, like speakers, add option for moderators of a session to create live polls and also to be able to delete comments & questions of that session. Added
  • Allow Communications Tool to select and email multiple presenters/authors/reviewers on an abstract at one time. Added
  • When selecting a Panel to a program through session editor, the abstract of the panel introduction is added, but the other abstracts/titles are not. It should automatically add the associated abstracts and co-submitters of a panel under sub-sessions (abstracts) and speakers list respectively. Updated
  • In program builder, when an abstract is selected for a session, the session's title, description would be updated when that abstract is updated from under Abstract management in the backend. Updated
  • Community Manager updates - In discussions boards, displayed total (comments + replies) count besides each category's name. Added a button "Link to this comment" besides each comment so when user clicks on it, it copies that comment's direct link. In the sidebar, added a new widget "Links" to display links, posted by commentators. If more than 10, then display a View more button which when clicked on, would load the rest of the links. Added a new widget "Most replied comments" to display comments with most replies (also display the count of replies it received). If there're more rooms than what would fit in the top horizontal line, then display them when user hovers over a room to open it. It would expand the horizontal bar and display all topics so user can see them all at once. Added option to create sub-rooms within a room and display them in the sidebar under "Sub-categories". Added a button to Send only on Pressing Enter so one can press enter to add breaks in a comment. Added a search widget to search through a room with any keyword including comment, replies, users names etc. Open photo in a lightbox when clicked from Recent photos widget or from discussions/chat view. Photos should be resized to 50% of their size if they're larger than 500px height or width. For upto 500px, they should not be resized. Displayed a Scroll to Top button if the user scrolls down. Updated

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