Past update – v17.4

Nature of the update Feature updates Duration of the update 1-2 minutes Platform accessibility No downtime. The event sites and event dashboard remained accessible as is. What changed This update included new features, improvements and minor bug fixes.

  • Allow admins to edit a pending order. Editing a pending order would display a form with details of the order (similar to the form when creating a new order). Allow admins to edit the payment method for a pending order to switch to any of the online payment. Allow admins to edit the ticket type for a pending order. Allow admins to edit the billing address for any of the orders. Display an icon besides the Billing address to edit the details in a popup. Added
  • Added a shortcode for Amount refunded in Email notifications. Should also be reflected in User dashboard and in Order receipts Printed and Sent from Order backend & frontend. Also add option to include attendee registration custom fields including add-on fields in email notifications.
  • Added a Cancel button in email so requestee can cancel the meeting from the email. The Cancelation email should include the name/email of the person with whom the meeting was canceled.
  • On checkout page, in backend, Added a "Remove" button besides each ticket to remove the ticket instead of having to unselect the ticket from the ticket listing view. Removing the ticket would update the total payment.
  • In payment confirmation email notification, Added option to include a PDF copy of the invoice along with the payment confirmation email. In backend and frontend.
  • After making a room private, the comments are still displayed to guest users. Fixed
  • In CSV exported from under Manage abstracts, include authors' custom fields in abstract export (both buttons) Updated

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