Past update – v16.6

Nature of the update Feature updates Duration of the update 1-2 minutes Platform accessibility No downtime. The event sites and event dashboard remained accessible as is. What changed This update included new features, improvements and minor bug fixes.

  • Added co-author section in Panel intro. - Submitter would be able to add co-authors in the panel intro. Each author added in the panel would receive an email notification with login credentials. On login, they would see the "Add abstract" button in Update abstract view so authors can add their abstracts on their own. Author, along with his own abstract, would also see the Panel intro tab in his dashboard (without the Update button) if that author is added in the panel intro. Else, that author would only see the abstract in which he is a co-author. Submitter would be the same for all abstracts in a panel as it has been. However, each author who submitted their abstracts would be the primary author for their respective abstracts. Primary author would be able to add co-authors irrespective of whether "Allow co-author to edit" is enabled or not.
  • When exporting tickets under Orders tool, it only exports the first few tickets and not all of them are included in the current filter. The Export orders button, however, exports orders as per the filters applied. Fixed
  • In Contacts, the export wont include any contacts if using a File uploaded filter. Fixed
  • Abstract's Votes are not displaying (do they only display once abstract is accepted?) Also include Upvotes and Downvotes columns in the abstract export. If pending/rejected abstracts are disabled, they should also not be accessible publicly. Fixed
  • Added an integration for Mollie payment gateway
  • Added Visa Letter Builder

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