Past Update v21.4

Nature of the update 

Feature updates 

Duration of the update 

1-2 minutes 

Platform accessibility 

No downtime. The event sites and event dashboard remained accessible as is. 

What changed 

This update included new features, improvements and minor bug fixes.

  • In program builder, added an option to search and select abstract's custom fields in session editor. The information of the fields which are selected in session editor, will be displayed under the respective sub-session in the frontend. The search and select option will display under Manage Submissions and will only be displayed when admin clicks on "Display Additional Information from Abstracts" button. Added
  • Added an option to set multiple presenting authors under each submission type's setting. Added
  • Added an option to allow purchasing ticket for self i.e. the logged-in user. Or for anyone. If this option is enabled for self-purchase only, reset ticket quantity to 1.Added
  • In custom reports, instead of having a fixed filter to filter by (which is curently usertype), it now allows admins to choose their own reference filter. Updated
  • Improved the default look and feel of the abstract book Updated
  • Added ability to customize the badges using a fixed sized layout (3" by 4" dimensions) but with option to drag texts and change their font size and color and bold/italic. With option to add shortcodes. Logo, QR code, profile photo. Added
  • In program builder, added a tool to Convert panels into sessions. When converting panels into sessions, the panel intro will become the session and the abstracts within the panel will become sub-sessions. Before making the actual conversion, display a list of sessions (and sub-sessions under each session) which will be converted. If they are ready to proceed, they can click on the Convert button. In the Convert abstracts into sessions tool preview, display a list of the abstracts which will be converted into sessions. If they are ready to proceed, they can click on the Convert button. Added
  • In Segments, added a button beside each segment "Send an email campaign". Clicking on this button will create a new campaign with the segment selected by default.Added
  • Make the fields inactive in the submission form if user is not allowed to update the field. Also, display the precise message due to which this field is inactive. Updated
  • Delete button for file upload field is not displayed to the primary author editing the abstract Fixed
  • In filters (contacts and abstracts), when admin clicks on Add filter, open a dropdown with all filters (already works) and also display a search bar on top (within the borders) so one can search for specific filter too. Right now, if there are too many filters, one needs to wade through endlessly and makes the process a bit irritating. Do the same under reports and segments. Updated

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