Past Update v21.0

Nature of the update 

Feature updates 

Duration of the update 

1-2 minutes 

Platform accessibility 

No downtime. The event sites and event dashboard remained accessible as is. 

What changed 

This update included new features, improvements and minor bug fixes.

  • Created a Speaker Hub menu and moved following menus under it: Manage Speakers (links to speakers tab under Contacts), Speaker Form, Speaker Webpage (links to speakers list view in frontend). Also created a Moderator Hub menu and added the similar menus. Added
  • Moved sponsor/exhibitor menus from Website designer menu and created standalone menus for Sponsor Hub and Exhibitor Hub and displayed following menus under these parent menus: Manage Sponsors, Sponsorship Packages form, Sponsor Lounge Webpage. Replicated the same menus for Manage Exhibitors and Exhibitors webpage. Added
  • In Speakers tab under Contacts, added 2 extra columns to list the speakers' abstracts they submitted, and their sessions where they are scheduled to present. Added
  • Added a dedicated menu Workshop Tickets under Event Schedule Builder and linked it to Workshop tickets section under Tickets Setup. Added
  • Moved the Event Wall menu from under Website & Apps menu and display it under a dedicated menu "Event Timeline". Added
  • Added a menu for Session Surveys under Program Schedule Builder to list all surveys created using program builder. Added
  • Added a menu for Private Messaging and Matchmaking under Community. Added
  • Added a menu Gamification and under this menu: displayed a menu Leaderboard which will then redirect to a dedicated page with setting to enable leaderboard on the website (right now this setting is displayed under Event wall menu). Added
  • Added a menu for Automated Notifications for ticket setup and direct to list of all order related emails. Added menu for Automated Notifications for abstract manager and direct to list of all abstract and review related emails. Added menu for Automated Notifications for program schedule builder and direct to list of all program related emails. Added
  • Added a setting so when tickets sell out, display an "Add to Waiting List" button beside the ticket type, if the "Display Add to waiting list button" option is enabled from the backend. People who click on this button will be automatically added to the waiting list and admin can filter them out in the backend using the "Added to Waiting List" filter under Contacts. Added another filter called "Ticket Type" so admin can use a combination of these filters to list contacts who added themselves to the waiting list for a given ticket type. Add the "Added to Waiting List" filter in report and segments. Added
  • Now displaying form's settings on top of the respective forms in the backend.Updated
  • In backend dashboard, now displaying number of attendees in place of number of contacts and rename contacts to attendees.Updated

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