Past Update v20.9

Nature of the update 

Feature updates 

Duration of the update 

1-2 minutes 

Platform accessibility 

No downtime. The event sites and event dashboard remained accessible as is. 

What changed 

This update included new features, improvements and minor bug fixes.

  • In program settings, replaced existing hide/display settings for list/expanded view with two settings for expanded/List view under which it will list all items they want to hide or display. Items include the following: Venue, Format, Track, Description, Speakers, Moderators, Presentations, Presentations' Descriptions, Presentations' Presenting authors, Presentations' Coauthors, and Presentations' time slots. Added
  • Added a button for accepted authors to acknowledge their Participation. Added
  • Added option to associate multiple tracks with a topic. Also, if there are no tracks selected for a topic (even if there is a published track), load the topic independently irrespective of the track selected. Right now, if a topic is not selected for a track, it does not load at all. Added
  • Added sort by for average rating column in manage submissions. Added
  • Added a trigger for order status - confirmed or canceled - under custom notifications. So, for example, as soon as an order gets confirmed or canceled, it triggers the custom email notification which is setup. Added

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