Past Update v20.3

Nature of the update 

Feature updates 

Duration of the update 

1-2 minutes 

Platform accessibility 

No downtime. The event sites and event dashboard remained accessible as is. 

What changed 

This update included new features, improvements and minor bug fixes.

  • Created a Multiple Text Area field with option to select up to 5 textareas. Added
  • Added option to create tags for abstract system in Tag Manager. Added
  • Added an option in Abstract Settings to display a "Confirm Participation" button below the "Withdraw" button for each abstract. If enabled, accepted authors can use it confirm their participation. Added
  • Allowed HTML code in ticket type description. Added
  • In Abstract Book Builder, added filters to filter Submission by Type, Topic, Track and Average Score. Also, added 'Order By' option to order the abstracts Alphabetically or by Abstract ID or Created On or Average Score with AESC/DESC. Added
  • In ticket setup, added ability to hide a ticket type when selecting a specific field's value or multiple values. Added
  • Added translation option in Ticket types. Added
  • Under the assigned abstracts tab, added option to sort the submissions by "Submission Score." Added
  • Integration for OrcID. Also Added ORCID as a social media link in the backend and in frontend dashboard and public profile. Added
  • Added a dedicated Accommodation menu to display Stay22 widget and option to add some text at the header using the user instructions tool. Also added this widget as an option to display at the order success page so users who placed the order can book rooms. Added option to display some texts above this widget in the order success page. Added
  • When abstract is assigned to reviewer from abstract detail, bulk assign or import tool, all panel abstracts shall be assigned to the reviewer regardless of the assignment limit. Fixed
  • In review submission, instead of opening the rebuttal form in new window, open it in an in-page popup in the same window and once reviewer submits the feedback, reload the page to reflect the newly added rebuttal. Ensured that all other unsaved changes in the review form is saved, before reloading the page. Fixed
  • If abstract summary field is renamed and reordered, display the same name and in the same order in the abstract detail view in the backend and also in the PDFs generated in the frontend/backend and in abstract book builder. Fixed
  • When abstract is autossaved for the first time, it takes user to the top of the page even while he is editing text in a field which confuses them. Ideally, it should keep the cursor where it is and auto-save. Fixed
  • In Manage abstracts, the Bulk Assign Reviewers function and Bulk Status Update is now included within a single popup "Bulk Edit". Updated
  • If "allow collaboration settings" is disabled, hide it from the backend as well. Updated
  • Moved Change password fields to a dedicated place in the backend. In contact detail view, display a Change Password button below the Admin usertype in the left top sidebar. Clicking on this button will open a popup with Change password fields. Updated
  • When allowing making changes on accepted abstracts, also made other non-accepted abstract’s fields inactive to prevent confusion over the changes made to the original abstract. Updated

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