Past Update v20.1

Nature of the update 

Feature updates 

Duration of the update 

1-2 minutes 

Platform accessibility 

No downtime. The event sites and event dashboard remained accessible as is. 

What changed 

This update included new features, improvements and minor bug fixes.

  • When a reviewer is updating Topics and Types field in the frontend update profile, also update it in the timeline log in the backend. Fixed
  • Multi-Stage Review System
    1. Create stages for review - create stage -start/end date for this stage, - enable/disable auto assignment for each stage -select reviewers or reviewer role who are allowed to review in this stage.
    2. Create separate fields for each stage - Create a separate set of fields for each stage (option in field editor to select review stage).
    3. Assign abstract to reviewers - Manual Assignment -- Admin can manually assign abstract to reviewers stage by stage by filtering the abstracts using the hardcoded filters eg., filter by Stage 1 Review Submitted, Stage 2 Review Submitted etc. -- In manual assignment, each stage's reviewers shall display to select reviewers from a particular stage (in single and bulk assignment). - Automated Assignment (global limit setting shall be used). -- If automated assignment is enabled for a stage, the abstract will be auto assigned to stage reviewers. -- Admin can also change the stage of an abstract. On changing stages, abstract shall be assigned to the reviewers of that particular stage. Right now, abstracts are assigned automatically only when it is submitted. We need to change the flow to also trigger assignment for the next stage when it is reviewed for a stage.
    4. Abstract rating - There will be reviewers and their ratings displayed for each stage, along with the average cumulative score for each stage, and will be displayed under the Reviews tab in an abstract detail view. - If stages are being used, update the current score to include the cumulative rating of all stage ratings. Final rating shall be used in list view.
    5. Filters - Review status filter for each stage shall be added in the abstract list view. - Stage filter shall be added in the abstract list view. -Save the current stage for each abstract and that'll be used for assignment to reviewers based on the stage.Added
  • Include demand draft and cheque information in the report under orders and invoices. Added
  • When assigning abstracts to reviewers automatically, also check to make sure all reviewers have been assigned the same amount of abstracts. Updated
  • Allow authors to add/edit co-authors even after the abstracts are accepted. Updated
  • The option "Enable survey form for each presentation?" does not display Take Survey button even though it is set to display to all attendees. Fixed
  • Add the option to export abstracts CSV by filtering withdrawn abstracts and include "withdrawn" status in exported CSV. Added
  • In automated assignment and manual run, assign abstracts that are part of a panel to the same set of reviewers. Added

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