Past Update v19.5

Nature of the update 

Feature updates 

Duration of the update 

1-2 minutes 

Platform accessibility 

No downtime. The event sites and event dashboard remained accessible as is. 

What changed 

This update included new features, improvements and minor bug fixes.

  • Apart from topics, reviewers can now select abstract types they're interested in reviewing. Also, when assigning abstracts to reviewers, under Search & Select, it would now display option to Display reviewers by Types just how we have an option to display reviewers by Topics. Added
  • Added a Conflict button in frontend under assigned abstracts dashboard so reviewers can mark an abstract as conflicted. We already have it under bidding but we need to display it under assigned abstracts as well so reviewers have the flexibility to mark an abstract as conflicted if they were unable to do so during the bidding process. Added
  • In submission settings, added an option to choose manual or automated assignment. If they choose manual, then display the following: Number of submissions that can be assigned per reviewer; Number of reviewers that ca be assigned per submission. The system would check for these criteria when assigning reviewers from abstract detail or via bulk assignment, import tool and from contact detail.Added

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Nov 08, 2021 08:59 PM


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