Past Update v19.2

Nature of the update 

Feature updates 

Duration of the update 

1-2 minutes 

Platform accessibility 

No downtime. The event sites and event dashboard remained accessible as is. 

What changed 

This update included new features, improvements and minor bug fixes.

  • Update the room status for attendees in real-time or else most of them never find out if they have been already accepted until they check their email. Updated
  • When creating the room, provide option to the creator to select either "allow access on request" or "accessible to all attendees". If it is set to "all attendees", then there is no need to display request access button and make it open to everybody for up to 35 participants. If 35 participants are there in the room, hide Join button. Updated
  • When a moderator/speaker clicks on the Join Livestream button, do not open the livestream video. That adds an extra work for the moderator to mute their live video when joining the Zoom meeting. Fixed
  • In automated notifications, if a notification is disabled, also remove the associated notification from under Notification unsubscription form users use to unsubscribe from notifications. Fixed
  • Upgraded Zoom web app to 1.9.5. Updated
  • The export generated under Assigned Reviews should display authors/reviewers/reviews in one row just how we have updated the CSV in Manage submissions' export file. Updated
  • In program schedule search by keyword, search for the keyword in all items eg., track, format, speaker name, session name etc. Fixed
  • Created an All sessions view along with Day tabs view.Added
  • Displayed the Login button beside the Messages/Rooms buttons. Clicking on it should open a log in box for users to log in with their credentials. Once logged-in, it should display the profile picture in the top right corner. when user clicks on the profile icon, it would display dashboard menu items and the logout button.Added
  • Display "Start Practice Session" button under sessions with Zoom embed. Right now, it is only displayed in non-embed Zoom sessions.Added
  • If Zoom is not enabled, add option to Enable Live Meeting (using Jitsi).Added
  • When a user logs in, display the count on Messages button. When user is on a different page other than Messages/Rooms page, it should play the messages/calls received tune.Added
  • Added options under Contact Settings to enable other filters for better matchmaking.Added
  • When user goes to Messages, display those users on top who sent him messages while he was offline and also display the count beside those user's name. We already display users who sent a message, on top and display count however once receiver logs out and logs back in, the counts are not displayed. Display a Tick and Cross button below every profile in matchmaking so user can remove them from their list and is not displayed in result when user reloads the matchmaking page. Updated

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