How to Add Stripe API Keys in Dryfta?

1. Log in to your Stripe dashboard and go to this page:

2. Copy the Publishable key and Secret key from the above page.

3. Log in to your Dryfta backend and go to Tickets & Payments > Payment Setup.

4. Select Stripe from under Credit Card Payments section and paste the Publishable key and Secret key you copied from Stripe.

5. Click on Save.

To test the payment setup, create a test ticket type for $1, then go to your Dryfta website, and purchase the test ticket with a real credit card (use Test credit card if Test mode is enabled). Please do not log in with your admin account to purchase the tickets. Instead, create a user account in the website and then complete the registration purchase.

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Aug 05, 2021 08:37 PM


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