In a poster session, how do participants ask questions?

in a session, all posters use the same Q&A tab to post their questions. To ask a question, they have to select the speaker for whom they are posting the question. This allows speakers to be notified and also lets them sort questions posted for them.

Speakers are notified about a new question through email if they're not logged-in. If they're logged-in and on their session page, they're notified through a notification message within the session. 

Speakers reply to the question by going to the Q&A tab > Unanswered tab. Once there, sort questions by their name and click on Answer button to answer a particular question. The questioner is notified through email once the speaker has posted the answer. This feature remains available even after the session is concluded.

Our Live Q&A feature does not work in China. For the users from China, they need to use text-based Q&A to post their questions.

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May 30, 2021 07:13 PM


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