Past update - v18.3

Nature of the update 

Feature updates 

Duration of the update 

1-2 minutes 

Platform accessibility 

No downtime. The event sites and event dashboard remained accessible as is. 

What changed 

This update included new features, improvements and minor bug fixes.

  • In email campaign, added shortcode to display moderators' session time/date in email campaign. In acceptance letter builder, added the following shortcodes: abstract ID, associated session title, associated session date and associated session time. Also add an option to send a test mail on the "Send acceptance email" page. Added
  • In Manage abstracts' export files downloaded from the system, now displaying all authors in a single row. Updated
  • In Orders, added filters for newest payment gateways under Payment Method filter. Added
  • The Watch live button for sessions would now display for speakers/mods even when the session hasnt begun. Updated
  • Updated countdown timer with daylight savings time. Updated
  • Speakers cannot post questions in sessions where they're speaker themsleves. They should be able to see this button and post questions (except to themselves) without the need to check-in. Updated
  • The option "Select a host to schedule this meeting for " does not come up when creating a new webinar. It only comes up for meetings. Fixed
  • Added easy scroller to scroll to different sessions on a page without having to scroll between sessions. Same feature for sub-sessions within a session. This would not display if there're 0 or 1 session/sub-session. Added
  • Added the following in Bulk Edit of the Program builder: Enable Q&A, Enable Live Q&A, Question require approval, Enable Live Polls, Enable survey form, Enable survey for each presentation. Added
  • Add option under each Session's Zoom settings to embed on website or open in Zoom desktop client. If embedded on website, it would disable polls and chats. Also, display a tooltip that when embedded, Zoom's video quality would be limited to 360p. Added
  • Displaying the countdown timer for sub-sessions as well. Updated
  • In frontend abstract detail view, displaying a progress bar just how we have in the backend with the current status of the abstract: Abstract draft saved > Abstract submitted > Abstract assigned for review > Abstract accepted/rejected Updated
  • The URLs have extra information for dates (e.g. https://[oursitename] Fixed
  • Added a Website customizer in the backend. Added

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